An Award Winning Corporate Keynote speaker with over 30 years of experience as a television and radio contributor, Dr. Lori delivers engaging and interactive keynote addresses that inspire audiences to action.

Drawing from her training and experience as a health psychologist and the life philosophy of her 105-year old grandmother, to live greedy for life, Dr. Lori offers a unique perspective on topics of healthy and purposeful aging, empowerment of women through gender solidarity and racial equity. 

Her clinical books have been published in Poland and India and reviewed by Larry King from Larry King Live at CNN and Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. In her book, Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude, Dr. Lori shares an inspirational journey of aging through reflections on the guidance of her grandmother. Her most recent book, Put on Your Big-Girl Shoes: Stepping into Courage, Resilience and Gratitude, she reveals the power of stepping into courage to discover the best kind of success: an inclusive, purposeful life. 

 As a strong advocate for women and seniors, she writes a regular column for several magazines and is an active blogger and a guest commentator for the Huffington Post.

She has become a sought after national speaker for a wide range of audiences from healthcare organizations, hospitals, colleges and universities, professional business and faith based organizations. She has also served as the Commencement Keynote speaker for several educational institutions. 

Her presentations are customized and tailored to meet the organization’s needs which makes them appropriate for both professionals and the general public.

“Dr. Lori presented to our academic medical center’s faculty, staff and students in a capacity-filled auditorium. The talk was co-sponsored by our Mature Workforce and Civility Committees and was touted as “the best talk ever.”  She was able to engage an audience with substance, style and inspiration. When planning their next program they remarked, “it’s going to be hard to get someone as good as Dr. Lori!”

Deborah Plummer, PhD

Vice Chancellor/Chief Diversity Officer , University of Massachusetts Medical School UMass Memorial Health Care System

“Planning a conference and selecting speakers who will engage a wide demographic of over 800 women can be challenging.  Having Dr. Lori Stevic Rust at your conference or event is one of the best decisions you will make! She has the rare ability to combine her intellect and experience into a dynamic Keynote and at the end still have you longing for more. A definite conference favorite in both a keynote and workshop, she went above and beyond to make sure she knew what our needs were and our purpose for asking her to present. 

Her passion, enthusiasm, and humor energized the room and was exactly what we needed to kick off our Women’s Conference!”

Terri DeCenzo

First Lady, Coastal Carolina Univerity

“Dr. Lori, thank you so much for speaking at our sales team offsite.  You were simply captivating!  Your enthusiasm, love for life and expertise to motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire personally impacted us in so many positive ways– including and beyond sales!  You’ve enriched us with your perspective, wit and warmth!  Our teams still talk about it!”

Annie Keith

Sales Manager, North East Ohio, Time Warner Cable Media

“Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust is one of the most popular speakers we’ve had in ten years at the Women’s Leadership Conference. So many speakers have inspiring stories and motivating messages, but Dr. Lori stands out with her stories and messages backed up with her professional experience as a clinical psychologist. She is engaging, and gives the audience a relatable message, explaining why we feel the way we feel as women – and the messages to tell ourselves to get over the imposter syndrome feelings to achieve our personal best. Her messages have stuck with me personally. I have put on my big girl shoes to do the things that scare me countless time since I last heard her speak. In addition, she goes above and beyond to engage attendees before and after the event.”

Hatton Gravely

Director, Women in Philanthropy and Leadership


Live Greedy for Life®

Who said aging means getting old? Kick the concept of graceful aging to the curb. Learn to live Greedy for Life™ by living with a ravenous and insatiable desire to live your life. Learn to embrace your moments and make a choice to consciously live with gratitude. Gratitude in action actively changes the way the brain in wired. Identify ways to change how you think and discover a more productive, healthy and successful you. Create the mind you want.

Put on Your Big Girl Shoes ®and Stop Faking It

High achieving women in positions of authority and visibility most at risk to suffer from the imposter syndrome. This is that tiny and sometimes not so tiny voice reminding us that pretty soon others will see that we really are just imposters faking our way through our successes. Learning to be confident in not being confident. Create a self-image made of Velcro and let positive feedback stick. Embrace your flops and failures as they are the seeds of success. Put on your big girl shoes and show up ready to step into your confidence.

Women in Conversation Workshops 

Women in conversation about Race is offered along with her long-time friend, internationally recognized diversity thought leader and fellow psychologist, Dr. Deborah Plummer.

As psychologists, we understand the principles of behavior that keep us apart and those that help us to come together. During this time of racial reckoning, we aim to apply these principles to build social trust among a coalition of Black and White women invested in achieving racial equity.

Productive Leadership: Stop Talking and Listen

Do you want a productive and engaged workforce? Are you eager to improve your bottom line? Ok, then let’s talk about listening. Learn to actively listen to what your team is saying and stop spreading the stress– those germs to yourself. When leadership is stressed it becomes contagious and undermines productivity. Uncover leadership strategies to manage a stressful work environment, engage your team and facilitate innovation and fresh ideas. Lead with more self-awareness and social engagement and the bottom line will thank you.


My grandmother, my mother and I have AARP cards. What? There are unique challenges today for baby boomers as they may be caring for two generations above them, dealing with their own healthcare issues and still providing support to children. Navigating the healthcare arena can be overwhelming. Participants will leave with comprehensive information on the unique health challenges of seniors –specifically dementia and a next step plan of action. Issues that will be covered include when to seek a geriatric assessment, when is forgetting a normal part of aging or a warning sign; how to have the conversation about selling the family home and not driving. 

“Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust was very well received by attendees at our Annual Conference. Her information was top-notch and her presentation style was dynamic and engaging” 

Jean Thompson, Executive Director, Ohio Assisted Living Association

“Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust is a strong presence in the field of health psychology. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every engagement yet possesses the rare talent of being able to translate professional jargon into language that everyone understands. Her positive energy, wit and good spirit are real motivators for positive change. Your quality of life will be instantly improved with any encounter.”

Deborah Plummer, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity & Equal Opportunity at University of Massachusetts Medical School.


Inspirational/Motivational Topics

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • Motivation for Change: Stop Fearing It

  • Keep Laughing and be Healthy

  • Wear Your Big Girl Shoes: Lose the Imposter Syndrome

  • Embrace the Flops, and Failures in Your Life: They are the Guides to Success

  • Liking, Laughing and Fighting: The Keys to a Healthy Relationship

  • The True Art of Leadership: Develop Healthy Work Environments

  • Inspiration: Recognize It and Pass it On

  • Developing a Purposeful Life

  • Learn to Walk in the Shoes of Others: You will Find that Yours will Fit Better

  • Caregiving: A Gift to Ourselves

  • Aging: Making the Inside Match the Outside

  • Laughter and Your Health

  • Who Made Those Rules?: Women and Self Esteem

  • The Other Shoe Will Drop: Learn to Live with Gratitude

  • Wellness: Translating the Health of the Mind, Body & Spirit

  • When Things Get Stale: Burnout and Boredom

Health Psychology/ Clinical Topics

  • Holistic Dementia Care
  • Stress Maintenance: Stop Avoiding it and Manage it
  • Caregiving: Maintaining Balance Throughout the Generations
  • Dementia: Alzheimer’s Disease and Beyond
  • National Trends in Dementia Care
  • The Many Faces of Depression
  • Having The Difficult Conversations with Families
  • Stress and Your Health
  • Mental Illness and the Elderly
  • Snoezelen Therapy: Connecting Through the Senses
  • Integrative Medicine: Health Psychology
  • Depression and Heart Disease
  • Competency to Make Decisions and Avoid Exploitation
  • Vitamin G: The Health Benefits of Green Space
  • Depression, Anxiety & Dementia through a Different Pair of Glasses: Hoarding in the Elderly
  • Stress: Keeping the Demands of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Under Control

“Thanks so much Dr. Lori for a wonderful presentation, reviews for both the keynote and the workshop were excellent.” 

Caroline Williams, BA, CHES, CTTS, Behavioral Health Center for Older Adults Frankford Hospital, PA

Dr. Lori is available for a variety of speaking engagements, contact her today and find out how she can make your next event unique and engaging

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