To those who mother others, I honor you today.

“Your motherhood will outlive you and will live on inside your children forever.”

I have been thinking a lot about the art of mothering—the very act of creating, nurturing, teaching, loving, sacrificing, and caring for another human.

Mothering is an incredible art form—learning to create without a guidebook. It’s not just about raising children; it’s about shaping the future. Every hug, word of encouragement, sacrifice, tear shed, and lesson taught plays a part in molding a new generation. The power of mothering is in the details—those everyday moments that seem small but add to something monumental. And we do it without really knowing and constantly worrying if we are doing it right. This is a testament to our resilience and strength, and it’s something to be celebrated. 

Phew… just writing it and thinking about it reminds me of our massive responsibility as mothers.

 And we often do it under a microscope—our own and the one society uses to examine us. The endless barrage of opinions and advice about whether we should breastfeed or work outside the home, the evaluation of our discipline strategies, our judgments and decisions, and thoughts on whether we are being too lenient, too strict, not attentive enough, or too attentive and we are too often the default button when society is looking for a source to blame when our children struggle or make bad choices. 

Now, let me be very clear. As a psychologist for many decades, I know how parents, adults, and other caregivers can and do create trauma and wounds that can last a lifetime. But I have become weary of social media and what feels like a disproportioned focus on blaming mothers for all the struggles that we may be going through.

Yet, amidst this scrutiny, those who dare to step up to mother, nurture, provide emotional support, educate, and foster learning and growth while offering care and ensuring the safety and health of another human should be honored. 

Mothering is more than just being a mother; it’s about creating an environment where growth, exploration, and self-discovery are nurtured. When we mother, guide, and support others, we teach and support resilience by offering stability and comfort in an often unpredictable world.

Those who mother are not just givers to their families but also their communities. Your influence extends beyond the home, fostering a sense of community and belonging. You are the pillars of our society, and your contributions are invaluable. 

So, here’s to all the mothers out there—the artists and nurturers who, with every act of love and care, help create a better, brighter world.

Your power is immense, and your influence is boundless and will live on for generations.

Through your dedication and courage, you shape not only your children but also our world’s future leaders, thinkers, and caregivers.

Your love and sacrifice are the cornerstone of a more hopeful and humane future.

We honor you!