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Dr. Lori, thank you so much for speaking at our sales team offsite.  You were simply captivating! Your enthusiasm, love for life and expertise to motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire personally impacted us in so many positive ways– including and beyond sales!  You’ve enriched us with your perspective, wit and warmth! Our teams still talk about it!

-Annie Keith, Local Sales Manager Northeast Ohio, Spectrum Reach | Spectrum News 1

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Dr. Lori is a popular presenter for many national, regional and local organizations and professional conferences. Her positive energy, enthusiasm and warm sense of humor coupled with her years of experience produces a meaningful and engaging presentation for audiences. American Psychological Association, Lake County Bar Association, Alzheimer’s Association, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Diabetes Association, Arthritis Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Lake Health, Ohio Association of Vascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, School Boards, County Agencies, Commencement and Senior Advocacy Agencies are a few of the diverse organizations that have benefited from her programs.

Her unique perspective as a health psychologist provides depth to stories on the integration of mind and body including self image, motivation for change and successful living in our personal and professional lives.  She has the unique ability to take new healthcare research findings and present them in a practical manner to her audience.

Inspirational and Motivational Topics


  • Motivation for Change: Stop Fearing It
  • Keep Laughing and be Healthy
  • Wear Your Big Girl Shoes: Lose the Imposter Syndrome
  • Embrace the Flops and Failures in Your Life: They are the Guides to Success
  • Liking, Laughing and Fighting: The Keys to a Healthy Relationship
  • The True Art of Leadership: Develop Healthy Work Environments
  • Inspiration: Recognize It and Pass it On
  • Developing a Purposeful Life
  • Learn to Walk in the Shoes of Others: You will Find that Yours will Fit Better
  • Caregiving: A Gift to Ourselves
  • Aging: Making the Inside Match the Outside
  • Laughter and Your Health
  • Who Made Those Rules?: Women and Self Esteem
  • The Other Shoe Will Drop: Learn to Live with Gratitude
  • Wellness: Translating the Health of the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • When Things Get Stale: Burnout and Boredom

Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust is one of the most popular speakers we’ve had in ten years at the Women’s Leadership Conference. So many speakers have inspiring stories and motivating messages, but Dr. Lori stands out with her stories and messages backed up with her professional experience as a clinical psychologist. She is engaging, and gives the audience a relatable message, explaining why we feel the way we feel as women – and the messages to tell ourselves to get over the imposter syndrome feelings to achieve our personal best. Her messages have stuck with me personally. I have put on my big girl shoes to do the things that scare me countless time since I last heard her speak. In addition, she goes above and beyond to engage attendees before and after the event.

Hatton Gravely
Director, Women in Philanthropy and Leadership

Send a message to inquire about

hiring Dr. Lori to speak at your event.