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Women’s Collective™

Reclaiming Empowerment for

Authentic Living

A Membership Program for women who are stepping out of self-doubt and learning to embrace their authentic voices, express their truth, and ultimately empower themselves and others in the process.

Dr Lori Press
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What would be different in your life if you could step out of your chronic self-doubt and wholeheartedly believe that you are enough?

The answer lies in the profound journey of empowerment, which encompasses both an internal transformation and the external dismantling of structural barriers that hold us back.

From the beginning of time, women have been taught to hide their true selves, their unique skills, and their deepest desires. We’ve been conditioned to expect, and fear being doubted or dismissed, leaving us feeling like frauds or imposters even if we achieve success or receive praise.

It’s time to step out of those old messages and reclaim our authentic selves.

“You always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Glinda, Wizard of Oz

Hi, I’m Dr. Lori. I have worked with tens of thousands of women over the past thirty-four years as a

 Clinical Health Psychologist and Women’s Empowerment Coach.

Over the years, I have become frustrated with the incomplete and often over simplistic messages and strategies offered to women under the guise of support.

I knew there was a better way for women to move out of living on auto pilot—simply going through the motions while trying to fulfill the expectations of others and never really knowing themselves.

Here is the TRUTH.

We all lose when women give in to self-doubt and never fully show up in this life.

Humanity needs Authentic Women and the gifts and talents they bring to this world.

What are you leaving on the shelf and not sharing with the world because of self-doubt and fear?

We Need what you can uniquely offer!

You Are More Than Enough!!


success stories

“Working with Dr. Lori was a turning point. She guided me to a conscious awareness of what fuels my self-doubt and holds me back in business and my life. Through the process I healed old wounds, gained clarity, and became more consciously aware of my actions, reactions, and choices. Now, I am a much better leader in my business and partner in my life. Learning to show up REAL is a game-changer.”

“Before joining REAL, I felt lost and disconnected from myself. I often found myself trying to fit into societal norms, neglecting my true passions and desires. This program provided me with the tools and support to delve into my life story and uncover the patterns that were holding me back. It was a transformative experience that helped me embrace my unique self, quirks, flaws, and all. I am forever grateful for this program and the incredible journey it set me on.”

“This is not a program filled with over simplistic messages of inspiration — it is a hard core, dig deep and reclaim the power that is yours –kind of process. The chronic anxiety that I have always carried with me about what other people think of me or if I’m enough has lifted with the support and concrete strategies that I learned. I wish I had this program earlier in my life.”

“I feel free! No more faking it to please others and no more living with the anxiety that I felt because I was not being REAL.”

What You Get Inside Your Membership

No overwhelm with self-paced content available and tailored to your schedule.

An immersive experience to integrate learning with doing as you transform how you live.

Coaching and practical guidance to help you live an authentic and successful life.

Actionable steps to guide you from self-doubt and fear into reclaiming your holistic health.

Expert-led and community inspired where REAL women belong!

Access to a private group of REAL Women
supporting and learning together. A community of women on a shared journey of gaining better self-awareness to start living an authentic and purpose driven life.

Monthly Virtual Masterclasses on new topics to move you along your journey of conscious self-awareness, making sense of your life story, engaging in holistic self-care, learning to stop living in reactive fear and anxiety, and more consciously responding and reclaiming the power of authentic living. No more faking it!

Monthly LIVE Q & A with Dr. Lori answering questions on course content and the practical application in your life.

Access to an On- Demand Content Library Pre-recorded masterclasses, Q&A segments, downloaded worksheets and inspiration

REAL Women’s Collective ™ Membership

Reclaiming your inherent self-Empowerment by consciously learning and knowing yourself. Moving from reactive and fear-based thinking to becoming more confident to show up and Authentically Live

Why this works…

  • The Authenticity Journey is Holistic. As a clinical health psychologist, I know that we are never fully healed and empowered when we are disconnected. This journey requires integration of our body, mind, relationships, spiritual being while working within structures to remove barriers that hold women back.
  • When women join each other in community and solidarity we are supported and lifted with such force! We empower each other! Let’s be honest…One kick- ass woman is a force to be reckoned with but a community of kick- ass women—look out!
  • I have integrated my decades of professional and personal experience with science andcreated a program that offers a step-by-step approach with actionable opportunities for practicing and engaging within the community and with me.
  • I have made it my life’s work to support women in knowing and embracing their beautiful and authentic selves. To chisel away at the messages that make us fear our light and power.

Empowerment thrives when we lean into the discomfort, recognize our worth, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. It is through this empowering process that we rewrite our narratives, conquer self-doubt, and emerge as the resilient, capable individuals we were always meant to be.

Because here’s the truth: empowerment is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of chiseling away at our egos, shedding the negative messages we tell ourselves, and fearlessly tapping into our inner power.

This journey is about getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, embracing our strengths, and stepping out of our comfort zones that keep us small. It’s about informed risk-taking, recognizing that growth often lies just beyond our perceived limits.

 Together, let’s stop sabotaging our dreams with

self-doubt and reveal our REAL selves!

The REAL Women’s Collective™ is for you if…


You want...

a program that is holistic in scope, integrates science with the art of healing, and is created from my decades of experience.


You want...

to learn to stop relying solely on external validation, praise, or reassurance from others and learn to manage the underlying root causes of self-doubt and imposter feelings.


You want...

to reclaim your inherent power and move into action.


You are...

tired of simply repeating positive affirmations that feel like a superficial solution to your self-doubt.


You want...

to be in a community with like-minded women who want to join in gender solidarity for authentic living

No more hiding, doubting and pretending–Let’s get REAL

The REAL Women’s Collective™ Membership

An immersive experience with guided, self-paced, science driven practical strategies for deep holistic transformation.

This life is short—stop wasting it with limiting self-doubt and fear.

It is time to reclaim your inherent self-worth and live your authentic and successful life.