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This mosaic wall art piece was like working on a puzzle without a picture on the box, without a pattern, and without identifying border pieces. Ok, maybe it was nothing like a puzzle. But it is a wonderful challenge to stretch the creative right side of your right brain.

Start with a solid piece of canvas that has some heavy wood support on the backside as the finished product can be quite heavy.

If you are a true artist, you may decide to sketch out an image or use a stencil. I just started to lay out the designs with my mirror strips until the form started to take shape.  The beauty of the mirror strips is that they have self-adhesive back, which makes it easy to mold and bend the lines of your design.

Then I used the mirror triangles and glass mosaics to make designs for the edging to create a frame around the canvas and to fill in some of the designs.

Once I had the design formed and filled in with the mirror triangles. Then, I used marble tile and mother of the pearl tile. They come in sheets that you can cut off of the backing to use the individual pieces.

I’m sure there are many ways to glue the mirror triangles and mother of pearl tile but I used Modge Podge. It holds firm to the canvas and was easy to clean.

When everything was dry, I cut the individual marble flowers from the tile backing, and then I used an adhesive/grout combination to stick the marble flowers to the board.

After 24 hours, I applied the grout to fill in the spaces between the tile pieces and the center of the marble flowers. You can use a small trowel, but I used a plastic fork and finger to get the grout in between all of the spaces.

Make sure to wipe off as much of the grout from the mirror and tile pieces as before it completely dries. I used Clorox wipes to clean off the excess grout and Modge Podge glue. Be careful not to push too hard.

Let it sit for another 24 hours. You can use some Windex to do a final clean of any remaining residue or haze from the grout. I then put a metal sawtooth mounting piece to hang the picture.