Dr. Stevic-Rust has maintained an active multi-media presence. She has been an on-air media consultant for the past twenty-seven years with regular segments on national shows, news, and radio shows. She has also been a contributor in national magazines and newspapers. Dr. Stevic-Rust has the ability to take complex clinical information and present it in an easy to understand format. Her enthusiasm and engaging style combined with her clinical experience makes her a popular contributor to the media. She approaches topics with a style that allows her to connect with the audience and deliver a compelling and concise message.

She hosted Health Pulse and the Best of Health Television, two local cable health shows for Lake Hospital Systems. These shows highlight medical conditions and procedures with an emphasis on the experience of the patient. For University Hospitals, Dr. Stevic-Rust developed an educational video for dementia care. She hosted the video which has been used for educational and philanthropic purposes by the hospital.

She is a popular presenter for many national, regional and local organizations and professional conferences. Her positive energy, enthusiasm and warm sense of humor coupled with her years of experience produces a meaningful and engaging presentation for audiences. American Psychological Association, Lake County Bar Association, Alzheimer’s Association, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Diabetes Association, Arthritis Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Lake Health, Ohio Association of Vascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, School Boards, County Agencies, Commencement and Senior Advocacy Agencies are a few of the diverse organizations that have benefited from her programs.


Dr. Stevic-Rust serves as a media contributor for integrated healthcare topics. Reporters and producers for local television networks call on her to provide information on psychological issues related to timely news stories. She served as a contributor for a prime time special for WEWS Newschannel 5 after the Columbine shooting and served as expert commentator on the integrated health effects of stress related to violence and negative media stories.

Her unique perspective as a health psychologist provides depth to stories on the integration of mind and body including self image, motivation for change and successful living in our personal and professional lives.  She has the unique ability to take new healthcare research findings and present them in a practical manner to her audience.

”Think of some complicated and challenging issues that has caused you some distress – I can think of a few and on live television and over the years we have helped our viewers deal with them with our friend, the gifted Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust”

Fred Griffin – Former Host of Morning Exchange, Emmy Award winning Journalist, Broadcaster and Press Club Hall of Fame, Co-host Good Company

“Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust has been a resource for Fox 8 News in the Morning for over a decade. When we call upon Lori to share her expertise on a topic, she not only covers the nuts and bolts, but she also gives the topic “new life” by putting a practical “news you can use” spin on it. Her advice not only includes the latest medical research, but she has a great ability to insert “real life” anecdotes into her advice. Her on air style always enhances our broadcasts. She is absolutely on our “A list” of media resources.”

Margaret Daykin – Producer, Fox 8 News in the Morning, WJW Television


Dr. Stevic-Rust has been a regular contributor to local radio on topics related to mental health and wellness. She has been interviewed by NPR and served as a panel expert on healthcare reform sponsored by WVIZ and 90.3 WCPN/NPR.


Physician Connection Magazine

The Physician Connection Magazine at Lake Hospital System was designed to provide feature articles to the medical staff. It is distributed to the 570 physicians on staff. Dr. Stevic-Rust provided information for an article on short term memory loss as it relates to aging and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Dr. Stevic-Rust’s practice focuses on competency issues. Patients are referred to her for evaluation of their ability to reason and comprehend their medical conditions, financial situation and safety issues related to their environment. For many primary care physicians who refer to her practice have concerns regarding a patient’s ability to give informed consent. She assesses issues of decision-making capacity related to their finances, safety and comprehension of medical illness, treatment options and compliance.

Cleveland Magazine

Cleveland Magazine, named Best Magazine in 2006 by the Press Club of Cleveland distributes to over 150,000 readers.  The magazine features home and garden, educational articles written by top journalists, health and beauty, restaurants, nightlife and education. Dr. Stevic-Rust contributed to an article on how to cope with losing your job in the December, 2009 issue.