Lily’s Red Shoes of Courage

You, too, can have red shoes of courage. All you need to do is believe. The kitchen table at Nana Emily’s house is the place where Lily feels most at home. Every day after school, she and Nana Emily bake, laugh, and talk about all kinds of things. When Lily tells her grandmother that she did something she’s not proud of, Nana Emily encourages her to share. Lily feels terrible because when some mean girls at school made fun of Aleeza’s head scarf, Lily joined in on the laughing and hurt Aleeza’s feelings. Nana Emily tells Lily that we all make mistakes, but it’s how we fix our mistakes that makes us who we are. Then Nana Emily gives Lily something that will change her life forever: a beautiful pair of red shoes with the word Courage emblazoned on them in gold letters. Nana Emily tells Lily that her new red shoes will give her the courage to do the right thing, even when it is hard. But she must believe in her own power to do so. Will Lily be brave enough to apologize to Aleeza and also stand up to the other girls at school?