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National Keynote Speaker, Author & Clinical Health Psychologist

Thanks for visiting!

I’m trying to imagine who you are—the visitor to my page.

Are you struggling with doubt and at times feel like you are masquerading as somebody you are not—leaving you feeling like an imposter?

Do you want more from your life—more success, more joy and maybe more authentic connections?

Are your goals and dreams just something you talk about but struggle with the courage to take action?

Does it feel like every part of your waking day is about caring for others and self-care sounds like some delusional, self-indulgent act? 

If any of this sounds like you, then welcome! You are in the right place!

I’m a clinical health psychologist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and big believer in the power of authenticity.  

I started on my professional journey thirty years ago as a health psychologist dedicated to a holistic and authentic approach to living.

What I discovered along that journey was that indeed I could be both smart AND wear high heels, be nurturing and motherly AND a business woman, and that I could be both a professional psychologist AND have a sense of humor.  

As women we are often vulnerable to the messages from others leading us to feel like an imposter and then worse becomingone.

Stepping into courage to release our most authentic selves is the game changer that leads to to a successful and purpose driven life. 

I am committed to guiding and teaching you how to step out of limiting self-doubt, indecision and anxiety and into your Real power.

I know that when we support each other amazing things happen. 

Looking forward to getting to know you!!

With gratitude,


Holistic Dementia Care™ emphasizes the integration of the mind, body and essence of the person, as well as the integration of services within a community that provides policies, procedures and services that influence the care of those with all stages and types of dementia.


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Dr. Stevic-Rust has written five books on topics ranging from depression, heart disease and wellness, a personal memoir on the art of aging with gratitude, Greedy for Life and her recent book Put on Your Big Girl Shoes: Stepping into Courage, Resilience, and Gratitude.

The blog

Over the past twenty-seven years, she has been a regular on-air media consultant for national television and radio broadcasts.

"Dr. Lori enlightens and captivates her audience with clinically based information shared through inspiring stories."