Health Psychologist 

Good nutrition, meaningful activities, loving relationships, frequent sex, good skin care, lots of water, a good sense of humor, positive thoughts with an optimistic attitude, plenty of sleep, some red wine and a bit of dark chocolate – that’s all it takes to achieve holistic health!

As a Health Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I fully embrace the fact that our mind and body are connected.  It is impossible to separate the two because the brain controls the body and the body influences the brain. It is this integration that creates holistic health.

The goal with holistic health care is not to simply be disease free but rather to be physically and emotionally well. True health is accomplished when we see ourselves as a whole being with thoughts, emotions and physical needs that are interconnected.

I work with individuals in person, virtually via skype or by phone to help remove obstacles that interferes with holistic health. These include:

  • Learning techniques to rewire the brain through altering negative thoughts and behaviors

  • Teaching strategies to effectively use the stress response for engagement and energy while reducing residual stress hormones that are harmful to the immune and cardiac system

  • Recognizing motivational blocks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Working on finding and keeping healthy relationships –as they are critical for health and well being

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