Holistic Dementia Care™

We offer:

  • Almost 30 years of experience in healthcare with a specialty in geriatric services

  • Consulting experience in developing dementia care programs with continuum of care training models 

  • Knowledge of the latest research on dementia care (environmental and cognitive) and the implication for marketing services to caregivers 

  • Skill in navigating and facilitating the processes of group and organizational dynamics–to develop skill, motivation and teamwork which are essential in best practice models and staff retention

  • Experience with supporting families through education and guidance

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  • Build Dementia Brand Awareness
  • Support for Occupancy
  • Educations to Retain and Recruit Staff
  • Improve Morale and Engagement
  • Opportunity to Work as an Integrated Team
  • Holistic Dementia Care™ Providers See the Work Not Just as a Job but a Passion
  • Dementia Education to Guide Care Decisions

  • Provide the What’s Next after a Diagnosis

  • Group and Individual Emotional Support for
       Grief and Self-Care

A person with dementia needs more than just a secure environment. They need an environment that is easy to navigate and makes sense to them; they require caregivers with the compassion and skill to fully understand their unexpressed needs; and they need stimulating and relaxing activities to help them feel safe and secure. They need care that is fully integrated across the continuum of care including hospitals, post-acute care, home care, and palliative and hospice services with inclusion and support of the family caregivers

Our approach moves beyond simply training staff in dementia content. We integrate content training with education to advance understanding and awareness around the art of providing care. This training and education includes administrative leadership, all service lines and community organizations. 

Holistic Dementia Care™ emphasizes the integration of the mind, body and essence of the person, as well as the integration of services within a community that provides policies, procedures and services that influence the care of those with all stages and types of dementia.

“Dr. Stevic Rust’s willingness to share her special knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to professionals who work with those suffering from dementia and has served to raise the level of care in our community.”

Patricia Schraff, Schraff & King Co., L.P.A., Attorney at Law

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