Happy Flag Day!

Every year, on June 14th, we celebrate National Flag Day. The flag symbolizes our identity as a nation and the values we hold dear—individualism, equality, diversity, unity, liberty, and democracy.

When I look at these words, they feel so big, beautiful, heavy, and hard to uphold. They are easy words to say, put on a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, or even a hat, but accepting differences, allowing each of us the individual freedoms and choices that lead to justice for all – now that is the hard stuff!

We can pledge our allegiance to “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” However, the deep divide in our country suggests we are struggling to find our way to these cherished values.

Recently, somebody asked about the American Flag that we fly at our house. The comment was, “I thought you were one of those “bleeding hearts.”

It struck me as odd and a further reminder of how easily words and symbols can manipulate our brains.

The comment lingered with me and got me thinking; here are a few of my thoughts about our precious flag.

The American Flag belongs to all of us–not just to MAGA. Simply putting a flag on a hat does not make you any more or less a patriot who loves this country. The flag does NOT represent just MAGA followers but belongs to ALL of us.

My father and father-in-law were both veterans who fought for this country. As the flag that draped my father’s casket was gently folded and handed to my mother by a female veteran, I knew my dad was smiling. He fought for Unity and Equality.

Now, the phrase “bleeding heart” has always baffled me. It describes one who “shows excessive sympathy for another’s misfortune.” First, is that possible? Where are my fellow faith-filled friends out there? Is this not what our faith expects of us?

I love that my heart bleeds. I love that my country was built on the values of equality, diversity, and unity. These values aren’t just words; they are a call to action. In this great experiment of democracy, we are charged with caring for each other.

So, on this Flag Day, I will wear my new hat!

Make Us Better Humans (MUBH)