Dementia Consultation for Organizations

By integrating theory, research and practice experience, Dr. Stevic-Rust is uniquely positioned to support the design of a therapeutic environment and innovative dementia care programs. Therapeutic environments are critical to the care and well-being of seniors with all stages of dementia. The right therapeutic environment is a key element to positioning a facility as a leader in the industry. Further, therapeutic programs and staff development are directly linked to organizational effectiveness and efficiencies. Dr. Stevic-Rust works with the designer and staff to develop environments that yield the most therapeutic experience for residents, family and caregivers. 

The dementia consultation process is designed to advance efforts within an organization through a process that involves an integrated dementia evaluation with the development of best practice care models. We provide organizational assessments, consultation and leadership briefings that are designed to support and encourage a strategic conversation around dementia care services across the organization, thus, proactively positioning it to thrive in the competitive market. 

Through this process of collaboration between Dr. Stevic-Rust and top leaders of the organization, dementia services and programs that are aligned with the mission are delineated with implication for policies, procedures, occupancy and staff stabilization.

The key components of this process are: 

Leadership Briefing

The leadership briefing is designed to support and encourage a strategic conversation between Dr. Stevic-Rust and top leaders of the organization about the continuum of dementia care across the organization. Strategies and ideas for development of dementia programming across the campus with implications for policies, procedure and occupancy will be addressed. 

The focus is on capturing market share as a senior care and Holistic Dementia Care™ organization that operationally aligns with the mission and vision.

Environmental Review

The environmental review will involve an evaluation of the campus layout including the flow from one level of care to the next for all levels of services—clinical, dining, housekeeping and administration. 

Observation and evaluation of the continuum including independent and assisted living, as well as memory care and skilled units with a focus on design elements, layout of space and operational use. 

Recommendations will provide strategies for improving space to yield a therapeutic environment with staffing efficiencies.

Operational Assessment of Dementia Services 

Assessment, review and recommendations will be offered around existing operational care plans for dementia care across the continuum of service lines.

Support will be provided for the organization’s existing dementia care programs and training by offering recommendations for consistent integration of dementia content knowledge and care.

The operational assessment process will support the creation and implementation of integrated care teams supporting senior care–especially those with dementia. While every discipline, healthcare service and community stakeholder serves a unique role, it is the integration of services and care that results in best practices. 

Integrated Services Across Deciplines

  • Administration

  • Nursing

  • Dining and Dietary

  • Facility management and medical services 


Integrated Services Across Healthcare Services

  • Independent Living

  • Assisted Living

  • Rehabilitation

  • Memory Care Households

  • Skilled Nursing

Integrated Services Across key stakeholders 

  • Community Organizations

  • Senior Agencies

  • Hospitals, Palliative and Hospice Services

  • Physician Groups

The Projected Business Impact

  • Develop environmental and competency improvements in the organization 

  • Establish best practice dementia care models for the full continuum of care 

  • Establish unique, evidence-based therapeutic dementia care programs to establish market advantage 

  • Create an environment that recruits, trains and supports the best care providers 

  • Enhance morale and positive work environment to provide a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention

  • Elevate brand awareness for expertise in senior care—particularly all forms of dementia. 

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