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My old dresser from high school was originally an off white with yellow roses stenciled on the doors. The dresser, then went into Nana’s room and it was painted white with pink trim. Its final destination was my daughter, Katie’s bedroom.


During the middle school years, Katie and her friend Kelli painted the room a Victoria Secret Pink design so the dresser seemed to blend. Today, the room went from my little girl’s room to a guest room.

The walls were painted a soft gray with blue undertones and the dresser was repainted with gold metallic paint.

Here was the process:

  1. First, I used Krud Kutter to clean the dresser and light sanding on the damaged or peeling surfaces.

2. Then, I used the Bull Eye primer and had it tinted Taupe to make the coverage with the gold easier. You can pick up Bulls Eye at Home Depot, Lowes or online. This dresser took two coats of primer. I like this stuff because it dries fast and I am impatient when I want to get to the finished fun project.


3. The dressers were then ready for the Metallic Paint. I’m no expert at this stuff, but I read a lot of reviews and this was the paint that I selected. I ordered it on Amazon, but can probably get it in most hardware stores. I ordered the champagne color.

The jar is small but one covered the triple dresser, nightstand, and small hutch with two to three coats. The trick in the application is to GO ONLY IN ONE DIRECTION. If you are used to painting you know the natural process of back and forth strokes. But this needs to go in only one direction for the best shimmer effect. That is easy on the top, but a brain challenge to stay in one direction on the base.


Then I sprayed the hardware a shimmery gold to match, but pop with more shine.

Good luck!!!