Believing requires courage. It demands action. It is an act of accepting that which we may only be able to imagine.

It is probably where the concept of “make believe” comes from. The idea that we can transport ourselves into a place of imagining and envisioning something that we can’t see or touch.

It seems fitting that we would find ourselves in the act of reflecting and believing more during the holiday season. The holidays, while filled with laughter, joy and wonder can also carry moments of reminiscing, longing and sadness for people we have lost and traditions that have changed.

There can also be great stress created by spending too much, eating too much and the prospects of spending time with relatives that we may or may not enjoy. It is certainly a time when feelings of loneliness and isolation can become unbearable for so many.

But it is also that time when we see people at their best, their most generous, and their most giving selves. It is a time when we are forced to step out of ourselves and reflect on what matters. It is a time of renewing our spirit of believing. It is a tremendous opportunity to look at each other and see, really see pain and need and then do something about it.

On average, most of us will live on this earth approximately 87 years or 32,000 days which is considered a long life. However, keeping in perspective that this earth has been around for 4.55 billion years, we are really only temporary visitors. The challenge of living a fulfilled life is understanding our purpose. I would argue that the holidays, despite all of its crazy, busy, hectic pace, also gives us a chance to be better human beings. But only,  if we are brave enough to believe in ourselves and each other. 

If we actually look around, we can see that the holiday season is a time when more people volunteer at the homeless shelters, donations to food pantries increase, toys and gift are purchased and shared with children and seniors who may be in need. It is a time when people give of their time in greater proportion making friendly visits to lonely seniors and offering to help those less fortunate. Whether it is somebody buying the coffee for the car behind them in the line at Starbucks or leaving a more generous tip for their servers, the holiday makes us feel compelled to give. And in return we feel inspired–we find our purpose. How can we not feel excited to celebrate that?

My wish for all of you this holiday season is that you stop thinking about it as just one more hassle of life to “get through”. That instead you see it as an amazing opportunity for reflection and inspiration. Take a leap of faith this holiday season. Look around, really look around you and see the need and the power within you to make a difference.

If you take a deep breath, pause and inhale the moments of this holiday season, I am confident that you will hear music differently, see acts of kindness and generosity all around you, you will not only see the needs and sadness of others but you will feel compelled to act. The holiday season will become a gift that you give yourself.

Remember to hold tight to your belief, as it is the truest, strongest thing we will ever possess. It is the one thing that can never be taken or controlled by others. It is ours and only ours.

Just Believe.