Dr. Stevic-Rust has written five books on topics ranging from depression, heart disease and wellness, a personal memoir on the art of aging with gratitude, Greedy for Life and her recent book Put on Your Big Girl Shoes: Stepping into Courage, Resilience, and Gratitude.

You, too, can have red shoes of courage. All you need to do is believe. The kitchen table at Nana Emily’s house is the place where Lily feels most at home. Every day after school, she and Nana Emily bake, laugh, and talk about all kinds of things. When Lily tells her grandmother that she did something she’s not proud of, Nana Emily encourages her to share. Lily feels terrible because when some mean girls at school made fun of Aleeza’s head scarf, Lily joined in on the laughing and hurt Aleeza’s feelings. Nana Emily tells Lily that we all make mistakes, but it’s how we fix our mistakes that makes us who we are. Then Nana Emily gives Lily something that will change her life forever: a beautiful pair of red shoes with the word Courage emblazoned on them in gold letters. Nana Emily tells Lily that her new red shoes will give her the courage to do the right thing, even when it is hard. But she must believe in her own power to do so. Will Lily be brave enough to apologize to Aleeza and also stand up to the other girls at school?

Put On Your Big-Girl Shoes

In today’s divisive cultural discourse, women are too often viewed in terms of polarities: they’re either motherly or businesslike; compassionate or demanding; feminine or invisible; weak or overbearing. But women can embrace these complex dualities, gaining access to untold strengths that can change the world. Clinical psychologist, author and nationally recognized speaker Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust’s new book Put on Your Big-Girl Shoes: Embracing Courage, Resilience and Gratitude shows today’s women what “having it all” really means, revealing that when women step into their big-girl shoes—reckoning with their contradictions and fears—they can tap into their awesome power. In this era of pessimism, she spreads optimism.

In Put on Your Big-Girl Shoes, Stevic-Rust highlights how successful women—both famous and ordinary—pushed through life’s hurdles to embrace the best kind of success: a purposeful life. Unprecedented access to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow reveals how her rise to national prominence emerged from her struggle to find and accept her unique voice. Popular Cleveland newswoman Stefanie Schaefer’s husband suffered a catastrophic brain injury, and her journey toward a redefined life reveals universal lessons in humility, acceptance and even gratitude. The incredible experiences of Rena Finder, the last remaining Holocaust survivor from Schindler’s list, highlight how women can use their inclination toward empathy and community to foster resilience. In addition, stories from a heart transplant recipient, homeless mother, educator and former nun are conduits to addressing vital current topics such as race, guilt and our moral responsibilities. 

“This book is a powerful collection of stories about women finding courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Each story is a poignant reminder of the power women have to create positive change.” 

Madeleine K. Albright

Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the National Democratic Institute


Through reflections on the guidance of her one-hundred-year-old grandmother, national healthcare expert, Dr. Lori writes a powerful memoir on aging that is humorously told and sure to be warmly received by all generations. The personal life lessons shared in Greedy for Life, become a universal story of finding purpose and living with gratitude.

“My culinary journey started with a love of people, family and particularly my sweet, sweet Nana Goodman! Even though she has passed, I am still comforted by her presence and wisdom anytime I step into the kitchen. I love the lessons that a grandmother teaches us in Greedy for Life.”

Jason Roberts, Celebrity Chef, Author, TV Personality

“Lori Stevic-Rust’s inspiring account of her grandmother’s lessons of love and living encourages us to nurture our own relationships across the generations and to hold them dear.”

Pat Schraff, Schraff & King., LP

“Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust’s grace, wisdom and wit as a storyteller allows us to lovingly embrace our own aging process. This memoir underscores the fact that age is but a number. You will get excited about growing older! Greedy for Life is a book to be read across generations. It will make you laugh, cry, and hug people that you don’t even like.”

Deborah Plummer, author of Racing Across the Lines: Changing Race Relations through Friendships, and They Still Call Me Sister

“Heart Therapy is one of the most important books ever written. As a heart patient, I know this full well. It breaks new ground in the medical and psychological approach. Major work.”

Larry King, Larry King Live Show, CNN

“This book provides an important bridge between heart function and practical lifestyle adjustments for the treatment and prevention of heart disease. This is an excellent resource book written by authors uniquely sensitive to and experienced with the emotional aspects of heart disease.”

-Dr. Sidney Goldstein, Division Head Emeritus, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Henry Ford Hospital; Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Treating Depression in the Medically Ill: A Clinician’s Guide

“Drs. Stevic-Rust and Maximin have done a great service in writing this book as it fills an enormous need for non-psychiatric mental health professionals. It will also be very useful for primary care physicians.”
Richard Preisman, M.D Chairman, Psychiatry, Mayo Clinic Health

“This book provides a comprehensive and scholarly treatment of depression in the medically ill in a clear, straightforward style. The authors have integrated a huge and diverse literature into a very readable book. This book should be required reading and a well-used reference manual for anyone attempting to treat depression. Although the book is written for professionals, many patients who are highly motivated and informed will also appreciate the authors’ sensitivity and clarity. With this empowering book, no longer will it be accepted that illness and depression inevitably go hand in hand.”
Anne Eshelman, PhD ABPP Senior Staff Psychologist Heart Transplant and Cardiovascular Division Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit

The Stop Smoking Workbook: Your Guide to Healthy Quitting

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