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National Keynote Speaker, Author & Clinical Health Psychologist

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I’m Dr. Lori, Clinical Health Psychologist, award- winning keynote speaker, author and national healthcare consultant. As a regular contributor to local television and radio, blogger for Huffington Post, author of five books and the Dr. Lori column for national PS magazine and CBC magazine, I am committed to sharing information to educate and inspire us all to live our best lives.

I started on my professional journey over twenty-five years ago as a health psychologist dedicated to a holistic approach to living by integrating mind and body. What we think, how we feel, what we eat and our physical and social environment all influences our health. My goal is to offer strategies and information to help you navigate your own path to a healthy and purposeful life.

I am the proud member of a five generational family and wrote the book, Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude with my 103-year-old grandmother. My new book, Put on Your Big Girl Shoes invites us to hear what famous and successful women whisper to themselves to overcome adversity, self-doubt, tragedy and trauma. Personal life stories from Rachel Maddow (MSNBC Host), Stefanie Schaefer (Fox 8 anchor), Rena Finder (Holocaust survivor from Schindler’s list) and others guides us to overcome feelings of being an imposter, to struggle through personal tragedy and still find ways to welcome joy into our lives and how to survive unthinkable horror and remain resilient and grateful. The book will be available in 2016. Stay connected for behind the scenes video, excerpts and photos from these amazing women.

I looking forward to sharing with you.

Stay Greedy for Life!

With gratitude, Dr. Lori


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Big Girl Shoes: Preview

Big Girl Shoes: Stefanie Schaefer's Story

Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude

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Dr. Stevic-Rust’s infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge has afforded her the title of "best speaker" by many national organizations and is the recipient of the Keynote Speaker of the Year award. . She has become a sought after inspirational speaker on topics of Courage, the Power of Actively Living with Gratitude, professional and personal success and the art of Mindful Living. Women's Issues on Redefining the Self throughout Life, Aging and Caregivng for Self and Others, Beauty and Spirit and the Power of Failure. Her healthcare topics range from topics on Holistic Dementia Care, Depression, the Gift of Stress, and the Many faces of Wellness. 


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